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CE4 Multi Colours

The CE4 clearomizer (sometimes known as the "Vision") is a reliable and easy-to-use tank system that completes the look of an eGo battery with flair. CE4 brings long wicks into the picture, insuring your vapor production is as good at the end of the tank, as it is when you first fill it up.

These CE4's are rated at 2.2 - 2.4ohm, and work excellent on eGo Twist batteries! Use CE4s to bring color to your traditional electronic cigarette setup, and show the crowd who has style, and taste!

1.Compatible with all Joytech eGo batteries
2.Holds approximately 1.6ml of eJuice
3.Multiple long wicks on each side of the atomizer for maximum flavor
4.Easy to fill / maintain
5.Unscrew mouthpiece, fill from bottle, done
6.Clean vapor - no polyfill like traditional cartomizers
7.Can be cleaned / dry burned for longer life

Available From Only £3.99 or 3 for £10.00

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